Cost of the meeting

Not all prices are available at the time of booking release. This is due to the fact that we had to plan at very short notice and had little time available.
However, 90% of the prices are available, but this does not allow us to set a price without risk, as we calculate our prices very tightly.
Therefore, like the French MG Club de France, we have decided to work with price ranges. These price ranges are +/- 50 € per person.

Below you will find a table with an overview of the bookable packages and their price range.

Important: the prices only include the expenses for the event as described below. Hotel costs are to be paid separately.

For these rates, we offer a youth discount for participants up to 27 years of 25%, and child reduction of 50% for children from 2 – 14 years.

Total cost of the meeting

To calculate the total cost of the meeting, you have to take the cost for the event + the cost for your accomodation. In the case of the Parc Hotel Alvisse, the total cost for 2 persons during the whole meeting will be between 1067 € and 1167 €.

Where these costs come about

The prices have already been fixed for the majority of the elements in our calculation. These are things such as the rally sign, printed materials, our costs at the hotel for the event, car park attendants, the karting track and the entertainment during the gala dinner. Other costs are not yet 100% confirmed, such as the catering on Friday and Saturday, or simply reserves for the unforeseen. We would like to secure ourselves for these costs, so we will only be able to announce the definitive price in the course of January.

Booking and deposit

Once you have decided on a package and a journey, you can register on the “Registration” page. This will be activated next Thursday at 9am. At the end of the booking process, you will receive an account number from us to which a deposit of €100 must be paid to guarantee your booking.
By the end of January the final prices will be finalised and you will receive information from us as well as instructions on how to make the final payment.
This has been a tried and accepted procedure for international meetings in France and we hope that it will suit you too.

Activities on the Luxembourg Discovery Tour and on Sunday morning

Over the next few months, we will be putting together the routes for the Luxembourg Discovery Tour, which will certainly include one or two places of interest, such as castles or museums. With over 500 participants, it is impossible to offer individual visits for everyone and to complete them in a reasonable amount of time, so all these offers are voluntary and not included in the price.
This also applies to any activities on Sunday morning, see programme.