Can we make this?

An urgent appeal to our members

Dear members of the M.G. Car Club Luxembourg,

Next year will be the year ‐ M.G. will turn one hundred! In 1923, the “Morris Garages ” was founded in Oxford, and in 1924, the MG 14/28, first real M.G. model, was sold on the market. This is also the reason, why the celebrations will span the years 1923 and 1924.

No need to tell you that M.G. is a well‐known and popular brand in Luxembourg as well. This is reflected in the number; we may not be the largest classic car club in the country, but we can call ourselves the “largest single marque club”, and that’s something to be proud of.

We are planning the Centenary

To celebrate this anniversary properly, we will organise some events in 2023 in this regard. However, we have been approached to see if we were able to setup a very special event. The “Conservatoire National des Vehicules Anciens “, in other words our national classic car museum, has contacted us to jointly organise an MG 100 exhibition. So far this is a nice thing to do, and MG Car Club’s board is pleased that we have been entrusted with this request.

But now comes the point where we need your help: we need exhibits.

How we imagine it

There are ideas on the table. We’d like to show a cross‐section of all decades in the exhibition halls. Of course, we would address all members of the MMM scene, ideally showing some pre‐war models and, why not, some derivatives from the Morris family. Then on to the 50s, with the T models, on through the MGAs, MGBs, and so on ‐ you get the concept. Of course, we shouldn’t leave out the British Leyland period, up to more recent models, and the all‐new EVs.

Therefore, the question goes to you: who has the possibility to provide one or even two (or more) cars?

The current exhibition in the CNVH

Where there is light, there is also shadow

However (yes, there is a however), we need to give you the general conditions right at the beginning, because these can be a hurdle for some of you. Let’s start with what we consider the biggest exclusion criterion:

The exhibition extends over one year, from May 2023 to April 2024.

We are aware that this will be the biggest hurdle we have to overcome. Most of us own “only” one single M.G., and of course you’d like to drive it, especially in the anniversary year.

What we can and should talk about

After the first shock, we immediately add a “BUT”: there will be the possibility to put your car in the museum for “only” 6 months. As for the rest, it does not matter whether every car is roadworthy or not. We’ll gladly like to discuss about your cars that are in poorer condition: for interesting models which might be missing on the wish list, we could imagine to set up a “barn find corner”, where these cars could find a proper space.

We managed to do it in 2014 – 90 years M.G. (Picture by A. Mertens)

We are in the middle of the reflection period

We understand the CNVH requirement to run the exhibition over a year is a problem for many. Therefore, we have asked for time to think about whether we can manage it at all. So, this is where you come in: please let us know via the address

if you could imagine bringing a car to the show, and we’ll discuss about it. Many people have our number and can contact us personally. If you want us to call you back, email is the best way.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much time and we need to have a decision made within the next two weeks. So please do not wait too long.

Let’s fill this space with life!

How nice it would be if we could do this together…

So again, our appeal ‐ if you can imagine providing us with an M.G. for the exhibition, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can talk about many things, and ultimately sit together with the CNVL at the table, to negotiate conditions. We hope very much that we can do this together with you, because such an opportunity to celebrate a centenary comes only once in a lifetime. With your help, we can make it.

Thank you for your time, we look forward to talking to you!
Sonia Mailliet, Andy Staff and the Board of the M.G. Car Club Luxembourg