The history of the MG Car Club Luxembourg

In 1957, a small group of M.G. enthusiasts in Luxembourg had the idea to create a club to participate in hill climbs, rallies and other events.

After a fatal accident of a member (in a MGA) during a hill climb in Bourscheid, this association was dormant until 1974.

During this time, it was Ton Maathuis who brought together some M.G. fanatics in the Grand Duchy, and submitted a request to the Companies Registry for a non-profit organization called “M.G. Car Club Luxembourg”.

The officials’ response was that such an enrolled association already existed. After the majority of the members of the former board of 1957 were found back, Ton received their formal permission to revive and continue this association.

He then became president of MGCCL and remained so for the next 33 years.

After his tragic death in 2007 (in an MGF in Italy), it was his friend and then Vice President of MGCCL, Curt Wagner, who took over the office during 4 years until 2011.

Curt Wagner was succeeded by Ton’s son, Guy Maathuis, who led the mind of the M.G. Car Club Luxembourg during 10 years from 2011 to 2021. He was born with a passion for MGs – he was an inspiration to many people at home and abroad. He had his permanent place on the international stage, and has left his mark on the club to this day.

Unfortunately, the M.G. Car Club Luxembourg lost him on February 23, 2021, and the club again faced a vacuum.

A few enthusiasts quickly got together and had to try to sweep up the pieces. The world was still in the midst of the Corona pandemic, and it was now necessary to ensure the continuity of the association.

With Sonia Mailliet, who has been active in the association for many years, and who has also been actively involved in the association’s life as a board member for several years, an energetic president was found at the head of the board. Sonia has been a member of the MG Car Club Luxembourg for decades, and has served many a term as a board member in the club. She is taking on an immense legacy, and has set her sights on uniting the members, but also other clubs, and breaking new ground.

Accordingly, the year 2023 and 2024 will be very busy years for the new team, in time for MG’s 100th anniversary celebration. From May 2023 to April 2024 we will have the opportunity to curate an exhibition at the Diekirch “Conservatoire National pour véhicules historiques”, and in August 2024 we will organize the “European Event of the Year”.

The M.G. Car Club Luxembourg has just under 300 members, which is more than 250 members, or just under 0.5 ‰ of the total population (500,000) of the small Grand Duchy. This fact makes us today the largest single brand club in Luxembourg.

Our goal is to organize at least one event every month. Regular meetings during the year include: New Year’s Hike (January), Bowling Afternoon (February), MGCCL Booth during LOF Autojumble (March), Spring Tour (April), Screwdriver Days (May), every other year alternating between an International Ardennes MeetinG or the National “Marque of Friendship Tour”, (August), Economy Run (September), Roman Tour (October), Sunday Brunch (November), and the Annual General Meeting in different months.

We also meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month for Noggin’ & Natter (regulars’ table) at the RELAIS BAUSCH in Brouch, where you can have dinner together, and/or browse through the international M.G. magazines over a drink.

Just come by and get to know us!
M.G. = the Marque of Friendship (the brand of friendship)