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  • Lockdown EXIT for MGCCL-aktivities: Safety Fast AGAIN!

    After a long break, the MGCCL will slowly be able to resume its usual activities.

    Bildergebnis für Relais Bausch
    16.6 Noggin&Natter @ Relais Bausch ! ! !

    We are therefore pleased to welcome you again to our Noggin & Natter every 3rd Tuesday of the month. You can now have dinner at tables of max. 10 at RELAIS BAUSCH in Brouch, and / or browse through the international M.G. magazines with a drink.

    MGCCL-SpringSummer-Tour -> 16.8

    Rob Koeller is also happy to finally be able to invite you to the MGCCL’s first official exit for 2020. His traditional spring tour will be rescheduled on August 16 as a summer tour. An invitation for this event will follow as usual as a MatdeelonG Aktuell per e-mail.

    MGCCL Event Calendar 2020

    Many other national and international meetings have also been moved to a new date. A selection of events can be found in the following link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uOD9fY5MGggR-gjM_yVqQQGv3M962AHmx-ns_1Siplw/edit?usp=sharing